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Renata Jacobs and her team at the "Cartoneros y sus Chicos" Foundation are always looking for new ways to support the cartoneros and their children. Their motto is: "Mejor educación - mejor vida" (Better education - better life).


Already today, the foundation provides educational support and a safe and loving environment to more than 165 young people between the ages of 6 and 18.


The year 2020 was drastic for education all over the world: schools had to be closed and 1.5 billion children could not attend school. Argentina's long-running economic crisis is further exacerbated by the Corona pandemic - over 40% of Argentines have been living below the poverty line since the second half of 2020.


Like all children, our Cartoneros children have dreams. But they need our support to make them come true. You can help the children to get one step closer to their dreams.


As part of the 10th anniversary of the "Cartoneros y sus Chicos" foundation, 10 sponsorships for children have already been awarded at the Charity Night on 1 September 2021. More children would also like a sponsor to accompany them part of the way.


You too can become a sponsor and make it possible for a child to receive an annual contribution of Swiss Francs 500,- you can give a child the chance of a better life.

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